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Rhodium Plating

Bright Rhodium Series

Rhodium is a dazzlingly white metal with excellent wear characteristics, widely used for jewellery making. Its high reflectivity, hardness and durability make it suitable for a variety of decorative purposes.

It is particularly suitable for rhodium plating of jewellery, watches, spectacle frames and other articles for decorative refinement.

Designed for Decorative Applications
Rh Coating
Dazzlingly White Colour
Good Corrosion Resistance
Exhibits Excellent Wear Characteristics
Suitable for Rack and Barrel Methods

Decorative Plating Finishes: ID Code:
Bright Rhodium – Polished FHLRHO-P
Bright Rhodium – Polished (Clear Protection Inhibitor) FHLRHO-P-(CPI)
Bright Rhodium – Satin FHLRHO-S
Bright Rhodium – Satin (Clear Protection Inhibitor) FHLRHO-S-(CPI)
Bright Rhodium – Matt FHLRHO-M
Bright Rhodium – Matt (Clear Protection Inhibitor) FHLRHO-M-(CPI)
Bright Rhodium – Pearlite FHLRHO-PRL
Bright Rhodium – Pearlite (Clear Protection Inhibitor) FHLRHO-PRL-(CPI)

Plating Thicknesses: Micron:
Minimum Coating Thickness: 0.10 μ
Maximum Coating Thickness: 0.30 μ

Note: Lacquered finishes only require plating thicknesses of 0.25 μ maximum due to the protection coat that the lacquer provides.


File Downloads:
Adobe Reader Aftercare Maintenance for Rhodium Plated Alloys 130 KB
Adobe Reader Aftercare Maintenance for Clear Coat Lacquers 141 KB


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