F.H.Lambert Limited 50 Years (1963-2013)

Chrome Plating

Bright Chrome Series

A silvery-blue metal. Lustrous, hard, metallic. With its cold bluey hue, chrome complements any sleek and contemporary interior. Widely used for bathrooms fixtures and fittings. In its polished version, it has a mirror like finish that reflects light and brightens up any space.

Designed for Decorative and Technical Applications
Trivalent Cr Coating
Silvery-Blue Colour
Good Corrosion Resistance
Tarnish Resistant
Exhibits Excellent Wear Characteristics
The capacity to accomodate up to 8ft long pieces.

Decorative Plating Finishes: ID Code:
Bright Chrome – Polished FHLCHR-P
Bright Chrome – Polished (Clear Protection Inhibitor) FHLCHR-P-(CPI)
Bright Chrome – Satin FHLCHR-S
Bright Chrome – Satin (Clear Protection Inhibitor) FHLCHR-S-(CPI)
Bright Chrome – Matt FHLCHR-M
Bright Chrome – Matt (Clear Protection Inhibitor) FHLCHR-M-(CPI)
Bright Chrome – Pearlite FHLCHR-PRL
Bright Chrome – Pearlite (Clear Protection Inhibitor) FHLCHR-PRL-(CPI)

Technical Plating Finishes: ID Code:
Bright Chrome – Technical Application FHLCHR-TA

Plating Thicknesses: Micron:
Minimum Coating Thickness: 0.10 μ
Maximum Coating Thickness: 2.00 μ

Note: Lacquered finishes only require plating thicknesses of 0.25 μ maximum due to the protection coat that the lacquer provides.


File Downloads:
Adobe Reader Aftercare Maintenance for Chrome Plated Alloys 131 KB
Adobe Reader Aftercare Maintenance for Clear Coat Lacquers 141 KB


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